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Hi! I’m Eldred. I love programming, infosec, old game consoles, and researching them!

I spend a lot of my free time programming, so I have written a nice amount of free software.

I’ve been tinkering with the old Game Boy for about 7 years now, so I have become a fairly active member of GBDev. Which, speaking of, I am also making a tutorial for programming your own Game Boy games (with some help) that is getting some praise as of late.



This is where I put things that can’t quite be categorized, such as “thoughts” or “status” posts.

Expect only technical / nerdy posts, though. ;)

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Quartet cracktro

Quartet is a great homebrew Game Boy game, published by Mackerel Interactive in early 2021. So why not do like the good old days and crack it?

In this post(-mortem?), I’ll explain what went into creating this cracktro. I’ll keep the most technical details out of the way until the end of this post, so it should still be a good read, even if you don’t have a technical background.

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Pokémon exploits

Pokémon games are… not very well programmed. This leads to them being very broken, especially the first generation.

Here is a list of things I’ve written about making the first generation of Pokémon games make things they weren’t supposed to:

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Nintendo DS Action Replay Encoder

This online tool allows converting Nintendo DS Action Replay cheat codes as you find them on the Web, to and from a pseudo-code format! This should help you understand how a given code works, and perhaps tweak it yourself?

The code was written using a code creation user manual found on Datel’s website, though I have since then lost this document.

This is written entirely in vanilla JS, and although the parser is a little strict, it’s quite usable.

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