About me

Bonsoir. I'm Eldred Habert, 🇫🇷, 👨‍🎓, 22 years old, and currently on my last year of studying computer science. I love programming, security, and retro consoles. Online, I usually go by the nickname "ISSOtm".


You may e-mail me at me@<firstName>.fr, replacing <firstName> with my first name… which is also this website’s domain name. (Simple anti-spam measure, I hope you understand.)

I also tweet from time to time. If you like programmer humor and Game Boy-related tweets, you should find yourself at home :)


I am very much into programming, spending a lot of time developing all sorts of tools. My favorite programming languages are C, C++, and Rust—so, mostly systems programming, though as you are seeing, I have proficiencies in other domains, such as the Web.

You can find my résumé in English here 🇬🇧 (PDF), and en français ici 🇫🇷 (PDF).

I would like to work in computer security, directing my studies towards infosec; but I would also be interested in programming, especially at a low level.

If you’re curious about some of the work I’ve made, the effort I am currently spending the most time into is RGBDS (I also made that website!). You can also check out my GitHub profile for more of my work!

My mother tongue may be French, but I practice English on a daily basis, chatting with active English-speaking communities (mainly GBDev). The quality of the English in this web site should be representative of my written and oral skills. I have also studied German until high school, but haven’t had a chance to practice it since then. Finally, I am currently learning the basics of Japanese.