About me

I just wanted to let people know there's somebody with a soul behind this website.
I figured it would also be nice if I could talk about myself a bit.
Enjoy ! (Or go back if you want to escape this place).

Who am I ?

I'm an eighteen year-old french guy (not for long, tho), I love programming, video games, maths and programming bugs.
Well, I also really like video games. I love playing them, but even more glitching them.

What do I do now ?

As I am writing this, I am studying math, physics, and a bit of programming.
Aside from that, my main hobby is programming, which is why there's a lot about it on this site. I'm also playing a few video games, and heavily glitching and exploiting Pokémon Red.
There are some tabs and links from the main page to some of my programming projects. You can also give a shot to my GitHub where a bunch of source code is stored.

Where to find me ?

I won't tell you where to find me IRL. 'Cause I don't want to :P
I'm present in many places on the interwebs, including on Twitter, on YouTube, on Glitch City Laboratories, and on Gmail. Nope, that last link ain't be workin' :D.