Toulouse (appt. IDF)
25 years old
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Eldred Habert

Professional experience

SII for SCLE : Embedded developer

– Today

  • Ported an old embedded system written in C from a discontinued platform to Linux
  • Development in autonomy within a team using SVN; coordination with the testing team
  • Wrote a low-level emulation layer
  • Debugging on a remote machine (GDB over SSH)
  • Intensive testing campaign, and strong emphasis on quality

SII for Airbus Defence & Space : Software engineer

  • Maintenance of a satellite simulation module written in C++11 and Java
  • Evolution of a “Linux → Linux” emulation layer in C and C++11, following the progress of the system being emulated
  • Fully autonomous work using Git
  • Agile methodology


ISIMA (Clermont-Ferrand) : Diplôme d’ingénieur (≅ M.Eng) in CompSci

  • Security & networks minor, certified CyberEdu and SecNumEdu by the ANSSI
  • CyberAcademy (Cisco certification)

Université Clermont Auvergne : 2ème année de Licence Informatique

  • Intensive programming in C, Lisp, and Bash, during and outside of class
  • Learned assembly (z80, SM83, and x86) during free time

Lycée Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand) : CPGE, filière MP

  • Optional course on middle-to-high level programming theory
  • Techniques of formal code verification

Lycée La Fayette (Brioude) : High school

  • A-Levels passed magna cum laude


Maintenance of RGBDS

– Today

  • Sizable C/C++ codebase (~ 17000 / 4600 LOC resp.)
  • Collaboration via Git, organisation with GitHub
  • Gradual but important rewrite (almost fully rewritten over 4 years)
  • 3 major releases, including a dozen notable features
  • Liaison and discussions with users
  • Rust port in progress

Contributing to Pan Docs

– Today

  • Methodical study of the Game Boy’s behaviour (via test ROMs)
  • Writing documentation with varying levels of technical detail
  • Painstaking review process
  • Wrote elements of a text processing pipeline in Rust to enrich the syntax

Development of my personal website


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🇩🇪 GermanB1 level
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Retrogaming and development of Game Boy games.

Staff of game development and infosec clubs. Board games and role-playing games. Climbing and biking.