ZZAZZ's Fools2019 - Writeups

Here’s a list of the writeups I made for the 2019 edition of TheZZAZZGlitch’s April Fools event. For more information about the event, this is the way to go.

Before the list of what I have to say, here is a list of credits where credit is due, in no particular order: TheZZAZZGlitch, pfero, Darkshadows, Runea, Stranck, Ganix, Riley/RoL.

Also check out the writeups from jfb1337, Stranck, and pfero (not really a writeup, but still).

ZZAZZ’s Fools2019 – Pwnage 4

Pwnage Kingdom 4 was easily the hardest out of all Pwnage challenges. This contrasts with last year, where (I think) difficulty peaked at the 3rd challenge. ...