Work in progress

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As explained in the initial tutorial presentation, Part Ⅱ consists of us building an Arkanoid game. However, this requires a lot of planning: the entire roadmap needs to be designed before I can start writing the first lesson.

If I was just making a game, I could afford to make bad design decisions and correct them later; however, such mistakes would only make the tutorial more difficult and confusing to follow. Some mistakes will however be made intentionally, so that we can learn how to overcome them, should you encounter them on your own. These need to be planned as well.

For these reasons, Part Ⅱ is being worked on behind the scenes, and this may take a significant amount of time. Please hold tight while I (and others! ^^) are working on this, maybe follow me on Twitter for (infrequent) updates, and go to the next page to find out what you can do in the meantime!

Thank you for your patience 😊 and see you around on GBDev!