Pokémon exploits

Pokémon games are… not very well programmed. This leads to them being very broken, especially the first generation.

Here is a list of things I’ve written up on related to glitching the hell out of the first generation Pokémon games:


Cartswapping is a technique which allows “transporting” ACE to any game.

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ZZAZZ's April Fools 2017

This page hasn’t been migrated yet. For now, please refer to the old page.

Content warning: this is a writing style, presentation, etc. I’m very much not proud of, and that I want to rewrite eventually. It’s kept for archival purposes only.

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Pokémon Stryder7x Edition

PokéStryder is a SRAM hack of Pokémon Red/Blue, dedicated to the Paper Mario glitch Youtuber Stryder7x

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