Using Pokémon Red, Blue And Yellow In Ways Developers Totally Intended Us To

Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow are really badly programmed. And thus, there are a lot of cool glitches and exploits we can perform on these games ! Interested ? Then let's go !

Arbitrary Code Execution shenanigans

Don't know what ACE is ? That's basically making the CPU execute some code that you have written - when it's not supposed to.
Pokémon R/B/Y have near 10 different methods of achieving this !
If you want to see what happens when a game gives you total control, check out this.

The Luigi Exploit

This exploit allows "porting" ACE from Pokémon R/B/Y to EVERY game on the GBC.
Basically, some games are programmed well enough for ACE being impossible (at least without cheats, save file modification, etc.). However, we discovered that on the Game Boy, no game is safe !
By doing manipulations known as satanic rituals cartridge swapping, we are able to create ACE on games that don't have it. If you want to see "Super Mario Land 2 - 8F%" and crazy shenanigans... then you must definitely check this out.